Amazon Prime Day 2018: The best deals

Thursday, July 12, 2018
Amazon's Prime Day sale is less than a week away and this year it will last a day and half, include more deals and will come to more countries.

This year's Prime day sale will start on Monday, July 16, at 3PM ET and go on for 36 hours. That is 6 hours more than last year. But that is not the only interesting part about this sale. This year, Prime Day sale will include more than 1 Million deals worldwide which is up from over 100,000 deals the year before.

Early Prime Day Deals

Prime Day 2018 will offer huge discounts on Amazon devices and some of those are already surfaced. The early Prime deals include a $100 discount on the Echo Show and four month of Amazon Music Unlimited for just $0.99. You can find more of these early deals on this twitter account dedicated to Amazon deals.

Finding the best Prime Day deals

This year, more than a million products will be discounted, but not all at the same time. Also, none of those deals will last for the whole 36 hours and units will be limited. So, you'll have to act fast and grab the best deal before it is gone.

The best way to find deals is to constantly check the Amazon Today's Deals page, but if constantly refreshing that page is not what you'd like to do then you can follow @AmazonDealsMP twitter account and enable tweet notifications for their handle to get notifications of all the prime deals they share.

Also, all the deals on Amazon Prime Day will be available for Amazon Prime Members only. If you are not a prime member yet then you can join using this link for a free 30 Day trial. And, If you are a student, then you can join using this link and get 6 Months of Amazon Prime membership for free.

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