10 Cool Telegram Messenger App Tricks

Tuesday, August 15, 2017
Telegram is a free, secure and open source cloud-based instant messaging app, launched in 2013 by Pavel and Nikolai Durov. Telegram is not as big as WhatsApp, but it provides many unique features like Bots, Channels, Stickers and Secret Chats etc. It has more than 100 million active users, sending 15 billion messages per day and the numbers are growing. If you are searching for tricks to use Telegram like a Pro, then you have landed on the right page. Here are some of the cool features and tricks you might not be using.

telegram on iphone with mackbook on back

1. Usernames

Telegram supports custom usernames, unlike other instant messaging apps. To set your custom username go to Telegram’s Settings>Username. Then enter your preferred username and click Done. With the help of Usernames, anyone on Telegram will be able to find you without knowing your phone number and you can also do the same by entering the username in the chats’ search bar.

username in telegram messanger

2. Passcode Lock

The app offers many security features, one of them is Passcode Lock. It locks all of your chats so that no one can sneak in to your conversations. To setup a Passcode lock, go to Settings>Privacy and Security>Passcode Lock and enable it. You can also use your smartphone’s fingerprint sensor to setup fingerprint lock rather than using a conventional passcode. 

passcode lock telegram app

3. Self-Destruct Messages

Telegram offers self-destruct messages but they can only be used in Secret Chats. These messages will be deleted automatically after a certain period. To use this feature, click on the Contacts tab and select a person with whom you want to start a Secret chat, then go to the person’s info and click on Start Secret Chat. At last, to set self-destruct timer click on the clock icon, set the time and click done.

self destruct message telegram

4. Bots

Bots are accounts which are operated by software, not humans. Bots are fast and they are very useful too. For instance, @ImageBot can be used to find a picture or a GIF and @Stickers can be used to create your own sticker packs from pictures. Bots are fun to use and you should use them too. To find bots you can use the search bar or you can look into the Telegram Bot Store.

telegram bots

5. Hashtags

Hashtags are widely used on social media sites and they help to identify messages on a specific topic. You can use hashtags with Telegram too. Hashtags in telegram app organizes messages on a specific topic from different chats and groups. You just have to click on a hashtag to see all related messages.

6. Stop Being Added to Groups and Channels

If someone has added you to a group that you don’t want to join. Then this feature is a savior for you. By using this feature, you can restrict anyone from adding you to an unknown groups or channels. To use this feature, go to Settings>Privacy and Security>Groups. Here you can choose the option that suits you the most. You can also restrict a single user from doing it again in future.

group notification telegram

7. Two-Step Verification

Two-Step verification is another security feature offered by Telegram messenger. It makes sure that no one can use your Telegram account by getting access to your mobile number only. To enable it, go to Settings>Privacy and Security> Two-Step Verification and click on Set Additional Password. After setting up Two-Step verification the app will ask you to setup Recovery E-mail, it is mandatory because you will not be able to use Telegram if you forgot your Two-Step verification password.

two step verification telegram

8. Auto clean unused media

This feature will help you to save device storage space by removing the unused media from a certain period. Nothing to worry because, it will upload the deleted data to cloud storage in case you need it in future. To use it, go to Settings>Data and Storage>Storage Usage>Keep Media and select the time period after which you want Telegram to auto clean the unused data.

delete telegram media

9. Edit messages after sending

Telegram allows you to edit your messages after you sent them. So, you don’t have to send the misspelled word again with an asterisk mark (*). To edit sent messages, tap on the message and click on Edit. This feature will work across all Telegram chats.

edit messages in telegram

10. Delete my account, If away for certain period

This feature will delete your account along with all groups, messages and contacts if you don’t login to Telegram with in this period. To do this, go to Settings>Privacy and Security>Delete my Account and select the period that suits you. This feature comes handy when you don’t find Telegram quite impressive or your friends are not on Telegram.

delete telegram account

 If you have any problem using these tricks then let us know by using the comment section below.


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